3. Why Incorporate by Yourself

Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Hong Kong Company Incorporation

  • Visual interface helps concentrate more than verbal communication
  • Easy decision making out of service packages
  • The lowest cost
  • Time saving: it can be proceeded in about ten minutes only
  • No meeting with consultant required
  • Take place anytime and anywhere
  • Easy mode of payment
  • Ease of providing information
  • No hard copies required
  • Privacy of personal data protected

The options available in your online application:

1. Registered office address (Compulsory)

  • By law, you must have a local address as a company registered office address.
  • If you don't have a local address, please select one of our virtual office packages.

2. Basic package (Compulsory)

  • Free name search to ensure the company name is available
  • Draft and review Articles of Association
  • Preparation of documents and Forms for the company formation
  • Submission of the documents to the Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department
  • Monitoring the progress to ensure smooth processing
  • Collection of Business Registration Certificate and Certificate of Incorporation
  • Preparation of 1 copy of Articles of Association
  • Preparation of first minute of appointing first director(s) and secretary
  • Preparation of one set of certified true copy of all the Hong Kong company incorporation documents for bank account opening
  • Freely appoint as corporate secretary for the first year
  • Consultation of company compliance for the first year

3. Significant controller assistance (Optional)

  • Acting as a representative of the company
  • Providing assistance relating to the SCR of the company to law enforcement officers
  • Reporting to the significant controllers of the company if law enforcement officers visit

4. Nominee shareholder service (Optional)

  • If shareholders of the clients are unwilling to publicize their personal information, or due to other business consideration, we can act as Nominee Shareholders to them

5. Green box (Optional) - Items included in the green box:

  • One authorized signature stamp
  • One company stamp
  • Two printed Articles of Association
  • One legal seal chop
  • Shares certificate

6. A set of company stamps (Optional)

  • One authorized signature stamp
  • One company stamp
  • One legal seal chop

7. Bank account assistance (Optional)

  • Prepare a set of certified true copy documents based on the bank's requirements
  • Provide you a tailor-made document checklist
  • Collect the documents from you
  • Review the documents and provide advice for amendment
  • Approach and liaise with the preferred bank to arrange a bank account appointment for you

8. Government fee (Compulsory)

  • You must pay these fees to the government.
  • This includes Business Registration Fee and Company Registry Fee.

9. Adminstration fee (Compulsory)

  • You must pay the administration fee.

10. Express service (Optional)

  • Incorporation in 1 business day
  • Full set of documents ready in 2 business days
  • No need to present in Hong Kong

11. Payment currency (Compulsory)

  • Select your payment currency, either in US dollar or HK dollar.

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