6. The Work Flow (for Hong Kong Company Formation)

New Hong Kong Company Formation with Our Workflow!

Hong Kong Company Formation consists of 4 Steps in the Work Flow:

  • Step 1: Fill in the incorporation form.
  • Step 2: Make the payment.
  • Step 3: Upload all the required documents.
  • Step 4: Congrats! Your new company is incorporated!

Our team is able to support and complete the registration with the following services:

  • Execution of name search to ensure the company name is available to be used
  • Drafting and Preparation of Articles of Association
  • Reviewing your uploaded documents and Forms for the company formation
  • Submission of all required documents to Hong Kong Companies Registry
  • Monitoring the progress to ensure smooth processing
  • Collection of Business Registration Certificate and Certificate of Incorporation
  • Preparation of 3 copies of Articles of Association
  • Preparation of first board minute for appointment of first director(s) and secretary
  • Preparation of one set of certified true copy of all company incorporation documents for bank account opening
  • Freely appoint as company secretary for the first year
  • Consultation of company compliance for the first year
    *The owner(s) of a company is NOT required to be present in Hong Kong to go through incorporation process.

The step-by-step workflow (for HK company formation):

  • To begin with the Hong Kong company formation, click "Start Now".
  • After you've filled in your name and email address, you'll receive a notification that says you've signed up successfully.
  • Within a minute you'll receive an email from DIY!HKCom.
  • Click the link in the email to set up your password.
  • You can now begin to create a new application and fill in the information once you've logged in.
  • You must fill in all blanks that are labelled in asterisk.
  • The incorporation process consists of 5 stages. You'll be required to fill in the information for the first two stages.
  • To set up a virtual office, you must have a local address as a company registered office address in Hong Kong before incorporation.
  • P.O. box is not accepted.
  • If you don't have a local address, please select one of the virtual office packages.
  • If you don't want to select one of the virtual office packages, please make sure you have a registered office address in Hong Kong for your company setup in the next stage.
  • The basic package has been selected as default.
  • If you are not willing to publicize your personal information, you can appoint us as an nominee shareholder.
  • For Green Box and A Set of Company Stamp, you can choose both if you want to keep one set on your side and another set kept on our side, for company secretarial purpose.
  • Government fee will include the business registration certificate and company registry fee.
  • You'll be able to choose between US dollar or HK dollar for your payment.
  • Once you're confirmed all the above information, click the Next Step button for further procedures.
  • Providing 3 company names will allow us to check the availability of such names and make sure there are no repetition to companies that have already been established in Hong Kong.
  • A Chinese name is optional.
  • The maximum numbers of shareholders and director are three. There is no requirement to the shareholders or directors.
  • A shareholder (an individual) can be of any nationality and may also be a director.
  • Click Next step to confirm the information you're provided. You'll proceed to payment.
  • You can select HK dollar or US dollar. The example illustrated is when you pay via PayPal.
  • You'll have to upload a certified copy of the passport along that belong to the director and shareholder, along with their proof of residential addresses.
  • Your passport documents must be valid within 3 months of their expiry date.
  • Acceptable proof of address documents may be electricity bill, gas bill, government post, or bank statements.

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