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Business Ideas in Hong Kong

Business Ideas in Hong Kong

Business Ideas for Hong Kong Companies, Startups and Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs starting new business venture, below may be some possible and profitable business ideas in Hong Kong.

Sourcing Agent

You can always source and buy many cheap (or low price) products from Mainland China. This is an attraction to many foreign business people, as they can export and resell the same goods to their own countries.

However, foreign merchants usually face problems including language barrier and long distance of travel to reach the local factories in rural places in China. One effective solution is to find a product sourcing agency who has an office that is based in Hong Kong.

As a product sourcing agent (based in Hong Kong), you will be able to bridge the gap between foreign merchants and China factories.


Merchants from all over the world do source many different products from Mainland China through Hong Kong. These products (or items) may include electronics, computers (laptops and tablets), mobile phones and accessories, toys, bags, clothes, and more.

With geographical advantage of being close to Mainland China, companies in HK may decide to set up factories in China, and start producing the popular and profitable products that foreign merchants want to buy.

Travel Agency

Expedia, Booking.com, and Trivago are names that are associated with hotel booking engines, flight price comparisons, and travel packages across the world.

One example in Hong Kong is Klook. Local HK residents can find suggestions and prices on hotel bookings, flight tickets, theme park tickets, tour packages, and more.

Website Development

Nowadays, Information technology (I.T.) can be one of the most important determining factors for small and medium size companies.

All businesses in Hong Kong sooner or later will need a new website, or require revamp of their old website (that was developed many years ago).

With many old websites, they are not designed to be mobile friendly yet. Therefore they suffer in usability and search engine ranking.

Nowadays, new websites are required to be developed with responsive web design.

If you have website development skills and many years of experience, you may well start a web design agency.

App Development

Some businesses prefer and are more suitable to launch an app for mobile users and/or customers.

Some examples of such businesses are Uber, Foodpanda, Openrice, and more. By providing apps available to the end users, they will be able to use the services on the go through their mobile phones.

If you have app development skills and experience, you may well start an app design agency.

Marketing Agency

Online marketing nowadays involve many specialised skills and marketing channels. Many local Hong Kong small and medium size companies need strategies and tactics to go digital that include search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, content creation and content marketing, video production and video marketing, local marketing and international marketing, and more.

The small and medium size companies usually do not have sufficient human resources and staffs to form a marketing department within their companies, and will always require the long-term support of a local marketing agency.

Online Store or eCommerce

In Hong Kong’s streets, it is full of physical local stores such as Watsons, Sasa, Wellcome, ParknShop, and more. Besides buying from a local store in person, HK residents do purchase online through eCommerce websites including Taobao, Amazon, eBay, HKTVmall and more.

You can launch and run an eCommerce website and sell products that you have sourced from Mainland China’s factories to Hong Kong residents.

You may still need the help of a website development agency to develop and design your eCommerce website in the first place. Alternatively, you can use a ready-to-launch eCommerce website CMS (such as WordPress or Shopify) to reduce the time for website development.

Translation Agency

Google Translate can certainly help with the daily translation requirements for most people. But for a serious business in Hong Kong, both machine translation and human translation are important. A professional translation agency can definitely help.

An example is an eCommerce website that is to go into many international markets, and may require translation from Chinese (Hong Kong Cantonese) to English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russia, Japanese, Korean, and many other languages.

Yoga Instructor or Trainer

If you are a very experienced sports instructor or yoga trainer, you can sell your workshops and courses online through your website.

For example, a yoga instructor can host workshops for both beginners and people are learning to become yoga trainers.

Unlike a fully-functional eCommerce website that sell all types of groceries and/or clothes to HK residents, the scale of the yoga course website required is much smaller and will be considerably easier to maintain.

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